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Who can do Microblading & Ombré Brows in Illinois?

In Illinois microblading is classified as Permanent Makeup/Body Art. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, in order to offer this perform this treatment or offer it in your practice you must meet these three requirements:

  1. Procure a body art establishment license for the facility

  2. Obtain proof of OSHA bloodborne pathogens certification

  3. Be proficient in the procedure

Specific requirements to perform tattoo artist services can generally be used as a guideline, but with body art services, many of the licensing regulations are determined by local laws. Tattoo artists, microblading and other permanent cosmetic services become public health and safety concerns, which can be regulated by both the state and county. For example, some states may have a Safe Body Art Act to maintain standards, but then each county has different fees and qualifications to prove training and experience.

The Department of Public Health also clarified that this procedure is not included in the scope of practice for aestheticians or cosmetologists in Illinois. This means that if you have an aesthetician or cosmetologist that is otherwise qualified to perform microblading, ombré brows, eyeliner tattoo, lip blushing tattoo, they must not represent themselves as an aesthetician or cosmetologist while administering the procedure.


An exception exists for physicians providing the treatment. If a physician is performing microblading in the practice, that practice does NOT need an establishment license. However, if anyone else in the practice is administering the procedure in addition to the physician, the practice then DOES have to obtain its establishment license for body art.

What’s the state licensing site for a tattoo artist?

How long is a body art establishment license good for and when do I need to renew?

You will need to renew annually

What are fees associated with licensing?

In Chicago you will pay $500 & it goes up per station.

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Check with local governing body for updated details.


For more information about microblading, ombré, lip blush, & eyeliner training, see our PMU Training page to learn how to perform and offer the treatment in your clinic.

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