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Avoid This Costly Mistake...

I'm sure all of you by now have heard horror stories from classes that leave you feeling confused & defeated. This in turn makes students not feel confident in investing in future courses.


At The Beauty Crew Academy, we always strive to meet the mark by offering in-depth theory, incorporating hands-on learning, keeping up to date with industry trends & updating our students free of charge, offering unmatched support, and bringing you the most sought-after services. Why? Because we were tired of dealing with courses that never went the extra mile and only provided baseline material.


We don't want you to deal with that ever again!


Here are 3 tips to think about when choosing a course



This is crucial for you to feel that you got the attention you needed during class. As we all know you only have a short time frame with your instructor and you need to make sure no question goes unanswered. When a course is filled to the brim you are left alone to fend for yourself because there is not enough support for the instructor. This is a very important factor with courses like Permanent Makeup where you need crucial instructor direction. At The Beauty Crew Academy, permanent makeup courses are kept to 2 maximum students, and continuing education courses are 4 students maximum for utmost attention.



In the state of Illinois to teach Permanent Makeup, you are required to be approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Permanent Makeup is a trade that requires a higher governing board to review all teaching material and decide whether or not the student will learn adequately. TBC Academy is approved by IBHE and we are very proud of that status. Another accomplishment we carry is that every instructor we employ is a Licensed Esthetician Instructor with prior teaching experience & experience in the treatment room.



When choosing a course you want to make sure your instructor is qualified to teach you. What does the work she does look like? How many certifications does she carry? Does she charge appropriately for the work she produces?  When you are training you want to align yourself with mentors who will help elevate your business because they hold high standards. If a trainer does not value ongoing education that means you will not receive the most current information in the industry. As educators, we know the importance of staying up to date with trends because we truly are passionate about this field. We always want to bring our students the most useful & valuable information to make sure they are top earners.


We know you work hard to pay for these courses so don't make the mistake of taking a course that will not deliver. Start your journey on the right foot and take a class with us to see the difference.


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