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How to Choose the Best Permanent Makeup Academy for your learning style


At TBC Academy, we encourage students to make an informed decision when choosing their permanent makeup course. We know how much of an investment you make so we will always give you our best opinion based on our experiences and through experiences of other alumni. Please take these top three things into consideration when making your decision!

  1. CLASS SIZE: We've all done it once in our careers! We choose a class based on how full it looks. We think WOW! That must be an amazing course that we have to invest in. What you don't realize until you are sitting in class is that you may not get the attention you deserve. When it comes to permanent makeup, you do not want to be sitting idly waiting for an instructor and you most certainly do not want to tattoo without any guidance at all. At TBC we only take TWO students max so you can immediately receive feedback and guidance while you work. Having an intimate setting will allow you to feel less overwhelmed and more comfortable not only with your instructor but with your fellow classmate.

  2. COURSE CURRICULUM & OUTLINE: Our course is so in-depth bringing you all the top techniques from master artists around the world. Not only do we go deep into your theory but we also show you exactly how to set up shop and pass your inspections! We really want you to leave knowing your business from A to Z when you leave our class. Our course is IBHE Approved, so you can rest assured that it has been vigorously looked over by the state to ensure that every student is leaving with a good foundation to start on. Our courses are not only in-depth but run on a tight schedule. We pride ourselves on not only being approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education but we also are licensed esthetic instructors! Being able to run a classroom is crucial to having a great learning experience.

  3. BROW MAPPING: We pride ourselves on drilling in our brow mapping mastering! If you cannot master the brow mapping then you cannot move on to performing the service and we take this portion very seriously. We hear time and time again that students did not get the basic fundamentals of brow mapping down which is why they never felt confident taking clients. We will always continue to mentor you if you feel that you need more guidance! P.S. we are bringing on a Brow Mapping Workshop to master your mapping if you attended another Permanent Makeup course!

We hope that this post gives you a better understanding of what to look for in your permanent makeup course! If you have any questions or are ready to start your permanent makeup career click the button below to see our entire course breakdown.


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