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How Many Times Can I Re-Take The Illinois Esthetician Examination If I Fail?

In Illinois, you can take the esthetics exam three times without having to do any extra schooling.

You will, however, need to wait 30 days from the date of your exam to reschedule, and you’ll need to reapply (which can be done here) and pay the fee each time you retake the test.

If you fail your exam three times in a row, you’ll be required to take at least 80 additional hours of schooling in an accredited esthetician school (or esthetics program at a cosmetology school) and provide proof of that before you can take the exam the fourth time.

If you fail the exam the fourth time, you have to restart an esthetic program – being required to complete the full 750 hours of instruction in an accredited school/program (in no less than 18 weeks) before you can take the exam again.


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