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Is Being an Esthetician Worth It?

Hey Girls!

So one thing people often ask us is, is being an Esthetician worth it?

Well it definitely can be if you’re the right girl to do the job.

Here’s a few things to consider if you’re ready to get into the industry.

  1. S C H O O L I N G Esthetics school is mainly to help you learn the baseline of facial protocols, chemical peels, waxing, product knowledge, etc. During your schooling you should be doing everything you can to master these tools. Unfortunately some esthetic schools just downright stink. BUT, if you are dedicated to learning further and through beauty experts that are in the field killing it and amazing beauty brands, you should do just fine! I do not recommend a name brand school, mainly because the price tag is ridiculous (13,000+). You can learn the same thing at a way less costly school ( I paid less than $7,000) unless you plan on working at said specific name brand salons. Always ask to shadow a day or two at the school you’d like to go to. Next, make sure to see how their fin aid department is and what the standards are. You do NOT want to miss too many days and get kicked out of a program and loose your financial aid. (this happens OFTEN and usually girls don’t realize it can happen) Esthetic schools are usually 6-12 months, depending on what program you choose (part time/full time). I did a full time, M-Fri 9-3 program and finished in 8 months since I missed a few days. Esthetic school is soooo time consuming but if you’re young and don’t have kids take advantage! You can usually work during school hours ( I did lashes during clinical times and got PAID during my time in school) You can also take paying clients and get liability insurance once you are enrolled in an esthetics program! Side note: try to master something in esthetics school that brings you repeat clientele like waxing, brows, lashes, so you can start self funding your business while creating content and a client base.

  2. H U S T L E In order to be a high earning esthetician you HAVE to hustle. That means A LOT of open availability. Most people don’t realize that when you are starting off and perfecting your technique you need to get girls in the door. How can you do that? By having an open schedule. This gives you the opening to create good bonds with your clients from the start. If you are creating beautiful sets, providing a great service, and have a good selection of availability the clients will follow. Free work also is usually a given when you start out. I always tried to do one free set every few months to get clients from MY desired client base. Yoga instructors, hair stylists in high income areas, Lululemon employees, and super cool IG girls can get you some really good clients. IG influencers I like are more on a micro scale, more authentic vibes to their pages (usually less than 5,000 followers). I do not find that Macro influencers don’t bring in much clientele so keep that in mind! If you do want a macro influencer ask to see their post insights on IG to see if they’re worth it and create a clear posting guideline/contract for them to follow for the free work.

  3. M A R K E T When you are a solopreneur if you’re not working on a client you are usually working on the back end of your business (web site, client communication, following up, rescheduling, marketing, content creation). You need to master marketing. There is no way around it. Whether it’s marketing through your website SEO or marketing through your IG you HAVE to do it. Pay attention to your captions and hashtags. Don’t mention things your client won’t understand. Speak in your clients language, your solving a problem for them make that shine through your captions. Content creation is a no brainer. I create all my content using my iPhone. I constantly record myself working, macro shots of me lashing, selfies, courses, and product features. We have sooo much information in us that our clients don’t know about, get it out on the feed! This makes YOU the expert and shows your potential client that you know what you’re talking about which then brings you clients that value you. Take amazing photo’s, learn to edit like a pro, and start creating a BRAND. You are an influencer whether you realize it or not.

  4. W I L L I N G TO L E A R N There’s so many people who want to be on top yet refuse to put in the work and money. You need to take advanced courses in your niche, whether it’s an acne course, a lash course, a marketing course, a lash lift course you have to invest. I like to comb through who the instructors are to get an idea of who’s going to be teaching me and if they know what they’re talking about. Every course I’ve taken has always paid itself back within months.

  5. S E L F W O R T H If you can not see your self charging middle to top dollar in this industry then I’d reconsider this industry. As self employed beauty experts we have ton’s of people in our pockets. We purchase retail, product, rent, insurance, licenses, business licenses, training, web services, and it all adds up FAST. In order to make a profit you need to charge accordingly. Anyone undercharging in their business usually looks frantic online trying to undersell courses and constant sales to keep afloat. Don’t be that girl. Clients are more than willing to pay if you are providing a service that is valuable to them. If you are sinking then you need to reevaluate why. I’ve talked to girls who charge $50 a full set and can’t keep a clientele. So no under cutting does not bring in an influx of clients. I work way less now with higher rates and make more than when I was busy 5 days a week at a lower price point.

  6. C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E Okay, so this may be hard to hear but some people are just not good at running a business. The biggest complaint I hear from clients is that their past esthetician was scatter brained, would forget to send information to them, would not respond in a timely manner, was aggressive in their approach, would forget about appointments, had strict policies yet never followed them herself, etc. Talking to clients, creating protocols ( steps you take in your service that sets you apart) , creating easy booking and communication, responding in a timely manner, projecting clear and concise information to clients, are just a part of the business and that is not taught in esthetics school. We go over all this info in my Classic Course.

Being an esthetician is hard work but when you’re passionate about it, it truly does not feel like work at all! So if you think you can be a bad ass esthetician I say go for it! Make sure to leave comments below and tell me what you think!


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