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Do you need a license in Illinois to perform Brow Laminations?

Our industry grows vastly and quickly and most people are left wondering...does this fall under an esthetician's scope or can anyone do it?

The answer is yes you DO need to be licensed in order to perform brow laminations in the state of Illinois.

Brow lamination services involve chemicals on the skin and require a licensed individual to perform. Chances are if an esthetician liability insurance covers it, that means only licensed professionals can perform. Some states of course have little to no regulation when it comes to offering brow lamination services but Illinois is not one of them. It is in your best interest to get licensed so you can perform these services safely and with little to no liability on your end. Esthetic school gives you the fundamentals of learning how to run your business, understanding consent forms, understanding skin disorders, and how to avoid any issues.

If you are a licensed professional or currently enrolled in school we encourage you to get in-depth learning on this service through us! You will fulfill your CEU hours as well as get in-depth theory & hands-on practice. All students have their own station and class sizes are small so you get that individualized attention you deserve.

JUNE dates are now booking!

We now accept payment plans which means you can attend and pay later!

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