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Do I need a license to do microblading + ombré powder brows + lip blush at home?

We all want the benefit of working from home due to the low overhead and flexibility. Unfortunately due to the severity of this service, you are unable to provide any service that involves blood transfer in a home.

Training and Licensing

Before starting your permanent makeup business, your top priority is paperwork and finding out the legality of the service you are about to offer. Obviously, you cannot start a microblading/ombré powder brow/ lip blush business without a certificate that confirms you have successfully finished a course at an accredited beauty school or training center. For any licensing board, this is a must.

The next step is licensing. You will start the process of getting your license from your state or municipality which confirms that you meet the standards of laws that regulate permanent makeup otherwise referred to as Body Art so you can legally practice microblading, ombré powder brows, lip blush, or eyeliner enhancement tattooing.

In addition, your treatment room has to be checked and licensed by your local council. Usually, you should provide a link to the council website as proof before your clients actually book in.

Licensing requirements vary from town to town down to zoning, so don’t take any information for granted; always consult your local regulations!

They can also change over time. It is your responsibility to reach out to necessary boards and licensing institutions, as well as keep up with any possible changes. You must always keep in mind the regulations and continue to comply with them. Any sign of possible malpractice can lead to serious consequences.

All of the above is covered in our Permanent Makeup Courses to ensure you start your journey out on the right foot. We will walk you through Fundamentals including the very important aspects of setting up shop.


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