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Continued Education (CE) Requirements for Esthetician Instructor


  • Do not submit proof of continuing education (CE) unless specifically requested by the Department. 

  • You need not comply with CE if this is your first renewal.

  • Beginning with the 2018 renewal for Cosmetology Teacher, 24 hours of continuing education will be required.

  • You may access the Illinois Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Hair Braiding and Nail Technology Act and Administrative Rules on our Web site @

Continuing Education (CE) Hour Requirements

In order to renew a license, a licensee shall be required to complete 20 hours of continuing education between October 1, and September 30, of the renewal period.

  •  CE must be obtained through a licensed CE sponsor.

  •  Cosmetology teachers licensed in Illinois but residing in other states shall comply with the CE requirements set forth in Section 1175.1210 f) of the Rules.

  •  A list of approved CE Sponsors is available at our Web site @, under a specific profession name, i.e., Esthetics Teacher.

Activities For Which CE Credit May Be Earned

Only classes that directly relate to a licensee's ability to practice under the scope of his/her license will be accepted by the Department as meeting that licensee's continuing education requirement, Section 1175.1200 c) of the Rules. For example, a class in chemical processing of the hair may be acceptable for a cosmetology teacher but not for an esthetics teacher, because the esthetics teacher cannot work on a client's hair.

Classes in medical procedures and diagnosis are not acceptable for cosmetologists, estheticians, nail technicians, or corresponding teachers because all of these professions are prohibited from making medical diagnoses or providing medical treatment; i.e., reflexology, botox injections, acne treatment, or laser hair removal.

Ten of the required 20 hours of continuing education shall be in the following areas:

A. Teaching methodology;

B. Education psychology;

C. Classroom management; or

D. Other teaching-related courses.

The following subject areas have been approved for the remaining 10 hours:

A. Advanced product chemistry and chemical interaction

B. The use of machines and implements C. Sanitary procedures D. Hazardous chemicals E. Exposure minimization F. Updated use of implements as they relate to applicable services under the Act G. Advancedknowledgeoftheanatomyoftheskin,scalp, hair and/or nails H. Human relations/communication skills

I. Management and marketing

CE Self-Study Courses

Up to one-half of the total CE hours required for renewal may be earned through self-study courses. A CE sponsor who is registered with the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation must provide the courses.

CE Earned in Other Jurisdictions

If a licensee has earned CE hours in another state not given by an Illinois-approved sponsor for which the licensee will be claiming credit toward full compliance in Illinois, the applicant shall submit an Out-of-State Continuing Education Form, along with a $10 processing fee, within 90 days after completion of the course. The Board shall review and recommend approval or disapproval of the program. Applicants may seek individual program approval prior to participation in the program.

Certification of Compliance with

Continuing Education Requirements

1. Each renewal applicant shall certify, on the renewal application, to full compliance with the CE requirements.

2. The Department may require additional evidence demonstrating compliance with the CE requirements. It is the responsibility of each renewal applicant to retain or otherwise produce evidence of such compliance.

Procedures for Requesting a Waiver of the Continuing Education Requirement

If you have not completed the CE requirement you MUST either place your license on inactive status or submit a completed renewal application, along with the renewal fee and a request for waiver of the CE requirement. Requests for a waiver of the CE requirement must be submitted prior to the expiration date of your current license, along with the renewal fee. The request for a waiver MUST be based on one of the following reasons:

A) Full-time service in the armed forces of the U.S. during a substantial part of the prerenewal period. In addition to the written waiver request, you must also submit verification of the start and end date of the active duty;

B) An incapacitating illness. In addition to the written waiver request, you must also submit a doctor's statement that includes the diagnosis and the start and end date of the treatment.

C) Substantial financial hardship. In addition to the written waiver request, you must submit a copy of your most recently filed federal tax return.

D) Absence of opportunities for CE. (This means there were no CE programs offered in the area in which you reside.) In addition to the written waiver request, you must document your attempts to obtain CE in your area. (You may obtain up to one-half of your hours through self-study.)

How the Department Processes Your Continuing Education Waiver Request if You Have Not Completed Your Continuing Education Requirements

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation makes every effort to process your renewal in a timely fashion. The renewal process is delayed when all of the questions on the application are not answered, when supporting documentation is missing, the fee is incorrect or missing, or your check is not signed.

If the Department determines your application, waiver request, and other documentation are in proper order, a new license will be issued.

The issuance of your license at this time does not mean your request has been approved. It simply enables you to continue to practice until a final determination has been made regarding the waiver request.

The Board will review your waiver request and then make a recommendation to the Director.

If your request for waiver is approved, you will be notified in writing.

If your request for waiver is denied, you will receive written notification of the denial and your license will be placed into a nondisciplinary non-renewed status.


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