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10 things you need in your Lash Business from Amazon

Here is a list of the most useful cost friendly tools you need to purchase in your lash business from a lash artist like you!

  1. N95 Mask : Every lash artist needs to protect themselves against the fumes you breathe in daily, and the N95 mask is the only one that is able to filter out these tiny fumes.

  2. Glamcor : Your lighting is CRUCIAL to being able to see all those teeny lash hairs. It is absolutely a game changer having this light because it has 4 brightness settings, and has flexible arms allowing you to bring it as close as possible to the clients eye. Most importantly, you are going to take the best videos & photos showcasing your work with this bad boy.

pssssttt.....this photo was taken using a glamcor...

3. TAPES: you need to have these three tapes on hand to help you with three major annoyances you run into while lashing.

MICROFOAM TAPE: this tapes going to help stop your client from fluttering after that XL coffee they just chuged before walking in. A thin piece will help relax her eye and ultimately help her pass out.

CLEAR FLEXIBLE TAPE: this tape is going to help you hold the lid skin taut when you need to get her downward facing lashes off the pad and get her inner corner lashes. Its sticky enough to hold the skin tight and soft enough to remove from the skin.

NEXCARE BLUE SENSITIVE TAPE: this tape was sent to us by the lash gods. We use it to tape the bottom lashes down ensuring they don't pop out. It also works to help keep the gel pad in place even when your client opens her eyes when your backs turned.

4. Makartt Mini Vortex Mixer: I cannot survive with out a good adhesive shaker and this one is so god damn cute and pink. I wish this one was avaible before I purchased my hideous blue one back in the day. This mixer shakes the hell out of your adhesive ensuring quality and freshness.

5. Nail Polish Remover Pads: these single use pads need to be in your drawer. Ever notice your grab slowing down when your in the groove? Well its usually because there's the TINIEST spec of adhesive on your tweezer tip and it needs to be wiped away. These single use keep you sanitary and work instantly to soak off that adhesive.

6. Hygrometer: while you may think you don't need this guy you are absolutely wrong. On the days your adhesive is actin a fool you need to trouble shoot if it is your environment. Adhesives only work between specific humidity and temperature and how will you know if that is off with out your hygrometer?! PRO TIP: I document temp, humidity, for the day after each client in case of complaints to be able to accurately troubleshoot.

7. Isolation Tweezers: I usually get all my tweezers from Lash Affair (use code BMLOVE for 15%off you'll be glad you did) and I was in a bind when I dropped my favorites and needed a pair FAST so I found these bad boys and OMG are they amazing! Only 12 god damn dollars will make you want to have at least two on hand. I love that the tip is sturdy enough for me to banana peel.

8. Recliner: this recliner is so stunning, it looks chic in my home based lash space and fits with every decor change I've done. Clients love it because the pillow back is so comfy and NO I don't need a fancy lash pillow for it :)


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