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Do you need a license to do Ombré Powder Brows in Illinois?

We get a lot of confusion when it comes to being a tattoo artist so we hope to give you some clarity.

In the state of Illinois, you do not need an individual license to do permanent makeup but you will need to get a tattoo facility license to perform these services. Because blood is involved in the procedure there is no way of getting around this license. Sorry, this service cannot be performed from home. You will be visited by the health department and graded. We cover this in all of our PMU courses so you can pass all your inspections and work from a legitimate location. We also provide this information for those who have not been guided in the correct direction by their initial trainer.

(Did you know your permanent makeup instructor should be approved by IBHE? If they are not approved you may want to look elsewhere. Learn why here)

If you were not given any of the setting up your shop information in your past class you can purchase that here. Hope this helps!


TBC Academy team


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