How Much Does Lash Extension Training Cost?

Finding the right lash extension class can be tricky! Read up on how to choose the best course for you.


On average a quality lash training can cost you $1,000 and up. While this price tag may seem steep understand that you will begin profiting the moment you take your first model! If you charge $100 for a full set (which is reasonable for a new artist building clientele) you will make that initial investment back with 10 clients!

We do not encourage taking courses from unlicensed individuals or in at home settings. We hear plenty of horror stories from our students after paying $500-$1,000 to be "trained" only to find out they were not taught proper methods and left with unanswered questions.

Things to look into when choosing a Trainer or Course

Who is the trainer?

This is important because you want to learn from a seasoned professional. You want to learn from someone who is able to create a beautiful set on someone with thick lashes or fine lashes. If they can do that then rest assured they are a master at their craft.

Check the work.

Ask to see your trainers work. You have every right as a student to ask to see who is going to be training you and if they are qualified. If the trainer can showcase beautiful sets of extensions and flatter her clients unique beauty, then you can feel confident in your choice. If the trainer does mediocre work or is lacking in clientele that may be a red flag for you.

What are her prices?

You do not want to under charge this service or learn from someone who shows no respect for the service. In order to have a profitable business you must be charging the correct prices. A trainer with low prices is a red flag and practices bad business.

How long has she been in the industry?

You will want a trainer who shows passion and knowledge in her field. If she specliaizes in lashes and has a proven track record of growing and thriving in her area of expertise know that you will get a strong cirriculum provided to you. Do not take a course from someone new in the field. They more than likely are still learning just like you.

What will be covered in the course?

You want a strong foundation in your lash training. The application is important but you also need to understand and know how to run a PROFESSIONAL and LEGITIMATE business. Ask to see a course cirriculm before making a decision.

How long is the class day?

An in depth theory and hands on class that covers everything, will usually be two days 9am-5pm. This includes hands on practice both days. Going to a one day course you may only be taught the bare minimum theory in order to get only hands on guidance so keep that in mind.

Will there be hands on?

Make sure that you will have a small class setting in order to get guidance during your model practice. It is very hard for a trainer to help everyone if there are 14 people in the class. You will want to have hands on in order to feel comfortable and confident in your application once your leave class.

What is in the kit

Your kit should include all the tools needed in order to apply a beautiful set of lash extensions. We offer a curated kit that is not brand specific in order for you to have the best possible set. We also have a variety of examples of what product looks like on clients so you can decide which brand to go with when you decide where to spend your money. NO OTHER COURSE DOES THIS.

On Going Support

Ask if your trainer will be available to you for help when you need it. How will this method of contact be? At TBC we answer student questions the moment we get them so you do not feel alone. We also provide refreshers to our students to track their progress.

When you're ready to start your lash career do not hesitate to join us! We have a great network of students that we consider family and friends. Be sure to check out our curriculums as well as work on our IG pages.


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